ISATI. Creative Studio

is a high-end architecture and design label, based in Belgium, founded in 2016. ISATI. stands for timeless modern design without compromises.


ISATI. strongly believes in the use of timeless and classy materials. An object not only has to be modern today, but it has to be able to stay relevant for the next 100 years. Objects designed by ISATI. build on the heritage of the modernism of the Bauhaus movement.

Handcrafted In Belgium

 " Objects designed by ISATI. stand for timeless modernism with a twist."


ISATI. has its roots in the world of architecture. Although we mainly design private houses, we have designed sports and care centers, schools and museums as well.


The power of an image can define a brand. Originally starting of with just product photography for the design pieces, Photography quickly became a main focus point for the studio. Our aim with photography is focussed on creating certain timeless atmospheres.

 " Whether it's design, photography or architecture: we want to create emotion, because life without emotion is meaningless. "