Timeless modernity, joyful flexibility

During the design process of the coffee table TBL16-series, engineer architect Thibault Florin was influenced by the form follows function principle by the Bauhaus movement to define the materials and shapes for the tables. Minimal powdercoated inox frames created by only straight corners form the base for the tabletops which are made from timeless modern and classy materials as veneer, marble and glass. ISATI. strongly believes that a design object that is being designed today should withstand the “test of time” and should stay relevant for the next century. Just like classic furniture, modern pieces should be able to become family objects which can be passed on from generation to generation.

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In the case of the TBL16-series, the sole function of coffee table is always exceeded by rethinking the activities that take place around a coffee table in a regular living room. TBL16°2 has got two removable bowls for appetizers and a section with removable rods which are placed as close to each other in order to be able to be used as a part of the regular tabletop. When some of the rods are removed, the system can be used to carry books and magazines.

It’s clear that the TBL16-series is more than just a collection of classy minimal objects. With additions as the bowls, rods and shelves, the coffee tables become subtle, timeless and flexible eye catchers in modern living rooms. Everything also looks simpler than it actually is: in order to be able to keep the 12 mm thin lines, the marble table tops with a thickness of just 5 mm are resting on a honeycomb structure of 7 mm which takes up the pressure. In the tabletop option in veneer; one can flip the panel upside down to obtain another look of the coffee table because both sides of the veneered table top can be finished in different wood species.

The beauty is in the details


(L x W x H in cm): 120 x 40 x 40

Marble Options

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Premium Marble Options

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Veneer Options

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